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As a cartoonist and a Christian, I enjoy experiencing genuine, heartfelt joy and laughing. A lot, in fact. It’s even more blessed to make other people laugh. While I’m sure I failed to cause massive belly laughs with any of my cartoons, I still strive to balance teaching with a subtle type of humor, the type made famous and palatable by the late Charles Schulz. On rare occasions, I actually accomplish that.

But you know, the field of Christian-themed cartoons is pretty small. Typically, we Christian cartoonists have to draw within strict guidelines to intentionally avoid drawing anything that a Christian denomination might find offensive (it’s a loooong list). The result is we must produce overly preachy cartoons or ones that are overly cheesy. Paying jobs are nearly non-existent.

So, here at NAA, I threw out the guidelines and tried my best to avoid doing either overtly preachy or overtly…

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