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Intelligent Life Comic for May 28, 2017 by David Reddick

Good thing for Barry it wasn’t a ‘Carolina Reaper’ flavored wing…

Source: May 28, 2017

Set Phasers to Yum – PopFig – JD Hancock

JD’s Puns Are Hilarious!

PopFig toy comic with Captain Picard and a replicator. New toy comics every weekday. Join the fun!

Source: Set Phasers to Yum – PopFig – JD Hancock

The Daily Encouraging Word (When God Calls You)

Another inspiring article from the folks at “The Encouraging Word” ministries.

Source: The Daily Encouraging Word

6 albums, tours, pastoring, a family — and Trip Lee sleeps 18 hours a day due to chronic fatigue syndrome?

Thank you, Mustard Seed Budget, for this article about Trip Lee.

Mustard Seed Budget

triplee_rise1In the middle of his sophomore year at college, Trip Lee got hit by overwhelming exhaustion that caused him to sleep 18 hours a day. He started failing his entire academic course load.

After seeing many doctors they discovered he was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a mysterious debilitating disorder that afflicts a million Americans. Ultimately, he dropped out of college.

Trip-Lee-95% preacherIn spite of the ups and downs of his condition, Trip Lee has managed to grind out six rap albums, pastor a church in Atlanta, write books, tour and still have time for his wife and two kids.

The fatigue “is the hardest part of every area of my life,” he told Parle magazine. “It’s the hardest part of my marriage, it’s the hardest part about my music, hardest part about pastoring, everything.”

Born William Lee Barefield III, Trip grew up in a well-to-do family in a part of…

View original post 541 more words

GlymyreScape ‘Character Class’ Section is Written!


That’s right! All the writing for ‘The Character Classes Section’ of “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel” has been finished. I just have a lot of illustrations to draw up now. I’m using pictures to try to even up the layout of the pages which have tables and charts. For example, the illustration at the top of this post is what I’m using for the knife skills table. The dagger is made of a material called ‘Aborish Black’. The aboriginelves carve a weapon (or tool) out of any wood available, and then treat it with a potion called ‘Black Forge’. The result is a weapon made of aborish black, having the same strength as stainless steel, fire resistance up to 7000° F, and never needs sharpening. It will even float as it did when it was wood. Clever craftspeople, those aborish elves.

Once I get this section finished, I’ll start the ‘Character Races’ section. I think it may be a bit simpler than the class section.

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