Sarcoidosis Aint No Fun

Well, it’s been awhile so I’ll start by saying what’s been happening since the first of the year. To recap a little; late last year I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and early this year started steroid treatments. Apparently, I have an unusual sensitivity to prednisone, because on the fourth week of treatment, we discovered I had been developing muscle weakness to the point of needing hospitalization. At the hospital, they decided to try to wean me from the prednisone early. When they lowered the dosage however, my blood pressure dropped to 88 over 44. So, everybody got worried about that and kept me in the hospital to bring my bp up. While that was going on, they put me on physical and occupational therapy to bring my muscle strength and stamina up. (I should point out that I could barely move when I went in). So, I spent April and May in the hospital and a rehab center. The rest of the time was at home doing the same exercises trying to complete my recovery.

Now that I’m doing better, I give God all the Glory, and thank Him for being with me the whole time. I’m still on a small dosage of prednisone, but should be done taking it in about a week from now.

Good Lord willing, I’m resuming work on volume 1 of the Glymyresongs series and drawing some illustrations for the first chapters. Hopefully, I’ll post some in my gallery soon.

Thanks for reading.