Greg Bahnsen Clip: Natualism Debunked

A secular scholar’s attempt to oversimplify a subject to its most basic physical components doesn’t really prove anything does it?

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Seems like today people often object to Christianity from the worldview of Naturalism.

Greg Bahnsen addresses the problem of the Naturalist worldview; he was one of my favorite hero and Presuppositonal apologist.

Check it out:

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Review: ‘Just One More’: When Desires Don’t Take No for an Answer

I have a daily struggle with my sinful nature…

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Edward Welch. ‘Just One More’: When Desires Don’t Take No for an Answer. Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, April 1st 2002. 32 pp.

5 out of 5

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How do you fight the sinful urge of wanting to sin just once more?  And can Christians actually say no to addictions?  In this little counseling booklet by Edward Welch he answers these questions and more, giving Christians hope and the means to deal with our sinful desire when it doesn’t want to take a no for an answer.  This is one more helpful biblical counseling booklet from the wonderful “Resources for Changing Lives” counseling booklet series.

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HBO Targets Children With New “Atheist Chronicles of Narnia” TV Show – Christian Life Daily

If you haven’t already, you’re soon to be bombarded with flashy trailers for HBO’s new TV show, His Dark Materials. Full of cutting-edge graphics and high-quality dramatic acting, below the surface of this new series lies a sinister agenda. Based on books described by the author himself as the “Atheist Chronicles of Narnia,” this new show seeks to undermine you and your family’s faith in God.

Source: HBO Targets Children With New “Atheist Chronicles of Narnia” TV Show – Christian Life Daily

Singing in the Rubble

Thank you for sharing this, Jeff! Now I shall share it as well.


Maybe it was congenital. Maybe brain damage.  Either way, he was effected.

His leg drug faintly when walking. At the repeat of each pairs of steps, he swung his hip to the left so he could pivot his right leg up for the next step.  It would have been slow and tedious for others, but he’d had a lot of practice, probably a lifetime, so he was fluid when he walked, even if it wasn’t smooth.

He was short and stocky, wearing simple blue jeans with his plaid blue shirt neatly tucked in.  His glasses were thick, and although his eyes seemed to move just a hint slower, they were overshadowed by the peacefulness of his face.

We all walked into the church auditorium, and as circumstance would have it, we ended up sitting diagonally behind the stranger in church.

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My Guest Post: Words of Life: BLOOD

Thanks Jim! I went right over and followed her blog!

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If you haven’t followed Fran’s blog “God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory!” yet you should.  Fran’s site feature biblical posts and she’s also authored Christian books.

I have written a guest post on her site titled “Words of Life: BLOOD” which is a word study on the word “Blood” and it rich theme pointing to aspects of our salvation as taught in Scripture.  Check it out!

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