Partial Arts and Hate Bait

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Earlier during the month I wrote a post “Anti-Christian latest intolerance: Swiss Christian Chocolate Company.”   I had an interesting troll in the comments who claimed to be a Christian fighting against other Christians for “intolerance.”  I responded in a post here: Calling out a Drive-By Virtue-Signaling Troll.

Seems like the story with this troll has a more bizzare turn that I’m going to expose.

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Atonement: Study Outline

Atonement well explained!

The Domain for Truth

Purpose: In this lesson shall explore five points that would help us better understand the atonement that Christ made to save us from our sins so that we would worship Him and love Him more.

  1. What is the meaning of atonement?
  2. Christ saves us by his death
  3. Christ died as our substitute
  4. What motivated God to plan the Atonement?
  5. Seven fruits of Christ’s Atonement

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