Sin and the fall of man

Thank you for this, Jim. Amazing how Satan and his followers try to manipulate people by setting themselves up as authorities on God’s Word.

The Domain for Truth

Next few weeks I’ll be posting an outline series on a Christian theology of sin.

Purpose: In this session we shall see two questions concerning the Fall and Sin so that we lay the foundation to understand our need for Christ and the Gospel.

  • What lead to the Fall?
  • What are the results of the Fall?

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Psalm 22: Four Prophetic Proofs to Persuade you that Jesus is the Promised Messiah

When folks don’t believe in Christ, they come up with some pretty way out explanations for The Scriptures. When you do believe in Christ, Messianic Prophecies reveal themselves all through The Old Testament.

The Domain for Truth

Four Prophetic Proofs to Persuade you that Jesus is the Promised Messiah

Psalm 22

Purpose: Here are four prophetic proofs  to persuade you that Jesus is the promised Messiah, so you will praise Him.

Psalms 22 points to Jesus:

  1. According to the New Testament.
  2. And it is not about David or Esther.
  3. And fits with Jesus perfectly
  4. Promised Praise.

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“Glymyre Tales” Still on Hiatus


Yep, Glymyre Tales is still on hiatus, but I haven’t forgotten my webcomic.  Didn’t get as much work done on my books like I wanted, but I must admit that I was dangerously close to burn out.  My parents are having problems due to advanced years and I had to struggle with some depression over that.  On the other hand, the Holidays seem to be perking me up.  Planning on picking work back up on my webcomic in January with a two panel format posted twice a week.  I should be able to keep up with that easier, and not come so close to burning out.  We’ll see.