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“Put on your new clothes” by The Daily Encouraging Word

“Put on the new self.” Eph 4:24 NIV When you entertain wrong thoughts in the privacy of your mind, you may be tempted to excuse… (to read the rest of the article, click on the Source: The Daily Encouraging Word).

When Foxes Fly Ep 2 Page 38 Announcement

Page 38 of Episode 2 for When Foxes Fly is up! The big reveal of what the Abomba-Nation troops really are! 😯

Fired because of creationist views, university scientist fights back

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soft-tissue-dinosaur-bones-and-evolution.pngCSUN scientist Mark Armitage found soft tissue in a dinosaur bone, a discovery that throws significant doubt on evolution. Then, two weeks after publishing his findings, he was fired.

Now California State University at Northridge has paid Armitage a six-figure sum to settle his wrongful termination suit based on religious discrimination. While the university admits no wrongdoing, Armitage’s attorney said they feared losing a protracted lawsuit because of a “smoking gun” email that backed the plaintiff’s case.

mark-armitage-csunThe case of Armitage is the latest to show the mounting hostility Christians face in academics and other public arenas.

“Soft tissue in dinosaur bones destroys ‘deep time.’ Dinosaur bones cannot be old if they’re full of soft tissue,” Armitage said in a YouTube video. “Deep time is the linchpin of evolution. If you don’t have deep time, you don’t have evolution. The whole discussion of evolution ends if you show that the…

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The Last Illustration of the Character Class Section

Yes (as far as I know), this is the last illustration (well, one of the two last illustrations) of the Character Classes Chapter in “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Finally, I can get to work on the Character Races Chapter. Well, soon, because I want to put some more of the races into “The GlymyreScape Tome of Encounters”. That seems to help me get a handle on the culture of each race and makes the description have more depth.

So, back to the grindstone…

“Stop being intimidated” by The Daily Encouraging Word

Stop being intimidated

“God did not give us a spirit of timidity.” 2Ti 1:7 NIV The Bible says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb 11:6). So don’t get involved in… (to read the rest of the article, click on  The Daily Encouraging Word).