Glymyre Tales Page Announcement!

2019 1 14 i1 p35 gtannouncement

 Issue 1 Page 35 has posted at Glymyre Tales! Hey! We see another light savant glymyre…


“Glymyre Tales” is Going to Blogger

Yeah, I decided that was a better platform for a webcomic.  WordPress dot com has a wonderful community (which is why I’m leaving my blog here), but it just isn’t very accommodating to webcomics.  Here, the community is the strength.  At blogger, it’s the ease and freedom of design.  Even so, a serious drawback at blogger was the commenting system.  It seemed a bit primitive, and I was a tad worried that it would discourage my readers from commenting until I discovered that you can install Disqus there.  Disqus is a wonderful commenting service that easily fits the needs of a webcomic!  Go check it out for yourself!  Just click on this craftily crafted link!  Oh!  And don’t forget to leave a comment there and tell me what you think!

“Gasoline Alley” | N Michigan Christian Voice

Happy 100 years, “Gasoline Alley”!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Comic strips have been entertaining American newspaper readers for more than 120 years. This month, November, marks a huge anniversary for one comic strip in particular, “Gasoline Alley,” which turns 100 on Saturday, Nov. 24. The writer-artist behind the ongoing strip today is Jim Scancarelli of Charlotte, N.C. He is just the […]

Source: “Gasoline Alley” | N Michigan Christian Voice