Hey! I’m On Goodreads!

Yes I am!  I figure goodreads can help me track and organize my reading.  As a new author, it seemed like a good place to connect with the literary world, as well.  My profile page is here!  If any of you are on goodreads, give me a link to your profile and I’ll look you up!


Onward, 2019!

Whoa!  2018 has come and gone!  It left me sixty years old and tired to the bone.  Still, I learned a lot this past year, especially dealing with my work.  I can now publish on Kindle, and run a webcomic almost completely free.  To note some further accomplishments, I completed The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual and got a handle on the ‘Game Master’s Guide’!  As the old year spirited away and vanished however, the new year bested its accomplishments on the third day.  My new grandson was born, and that’s a pretty hard event to outdo.  Yeah, I thank The Good Lord for all my grandchildren and consider them each a Blessing that I don’t deserve.

Believe it or not, I have been working on page 35 of Glymyre Tales.  The drawing of each panel has been completed, and tomorrow I plan to do the coloring, shading and special effects.  Hopefully, I can get a schedule going and produce a lot more work.  We’ll see.

Working on “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide”

2017 09 27 glymyrescapedice

As I wait for the proof of The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual, I’ve been working on “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide”.  Right now, I’m concentrating on the advanced metals and alloys of the game; the chapter of which seems to be growing and growing.  The smithing of these ‘super alloys’ has been problematic, but (wouldn’t you know) the answer was to involve glymyring in the forging process.  Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the book to see how.

I’m constantly amazed at all the ideas The Good Lord is providing me with these projects.  I give Him all The Glory.

GlymyreScape Starting The Home Stretch


Hokay!  I’ve completed the pugilism section, charging section, healing section, and skill learning section.  A few more illustrations and I should be ready to put all the chapters together!  Then, a few more details (like the Table of Contents) and I’ll send the completed files to be published!  I can hardly believe I’m this close to being finished!  The actual writing is DONE!!

Well…  I think it is anyway…

Back To Work (On GlymyreScape)


Well, I’ve decided to knuckle down and get back on track with “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel”!  I kinda hit a bump when I was trying to explain the monetary system; in that I never really made a table for the purchasable items in shops and armory.  To be honest, it was the long lists that had me intimidated.  I can lose my focus when I get in that state of mind.  The ironic part is that I’ve actually done the hardest part of the gaming system.  I’m letting explaining simple aspects of the game get in my way.  In any event, I’ve finished the monetary system and can now finish up the instructions on rolling up a character.  So, my webcomic, Glymyre Tales may have to go without updates for awhile.  Heh, I can hear a lot of my Twitter followers now, “You mean he does a webcomic?  I never heard of it!”  Course, the folks at FaceBook are probably echoing the same phrase!  In any event, my apologies to the handfull of folks that do follow my comic, and I’ll try to get back to weekly updates as soon as I send “GlymyreScape” to be published.  (Maybe sooner; especially if I hit another snag).