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The Oppits Entry is Complete

The section in the races chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” dealing with the oppish gnomes is finished. These little folks are fairly new to the world of GlymyreScape (only firmly established in the early fourth age) but should be interesting player characters. Like the humans of the game, oppits have an agricultural way of life, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t get a notion for an adventure now and then.

Next on the list: the Stadthent Gnomes.


The Trow Entry is Complete!

Still another section is completed in the “Character Races” chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. This time, it’s the dark elves called the Trow. If you think the Juanian Elves are arrogant, the Trow are going to seem like megalomaniacs to you. Like the elvenjuan, these folk are masters of both cerebronda as well as the physical sciences. Yet, the trow as a player character might be a little tricky to play since they’ve left their corrupt culture behind in the caverns of “The Profane Depths”, and adopted a life in the light.

Next, I plan to work on the sections for the three races of Gnomes.

The Elvenjuan Entry is Completed!

The “Character Races” chapter is moving right along, and I’ve just completed the section on the elvenjuan. Yes, the Juanian Elves may have a tendency to be arrogant but let’s face it; they are the dominate people in “GlymyreScape”. These aloof folks are masters of both cerebronda as well as the physical sciences. If you want to play a character that uses glymyres, you may just be an elvenjuan at heart.

The next section I plan to work on is the Trow elves.

The Aborish Elves Entry Completed!

Since I’m going alphabetically, the section I’ve just completed in the “Character Races” chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” is the one about the Aboriginelves. Even though I fancy glymyres, I think my favorite people of the whole game is the aborish elves. They are very earthy, but are also wise and very knowledgeable. Having a special connection with the land, their medicine is rivaled by none.

Next in the chapter will be the entry for Juanian Elves (the elvenjuan).

Working on the ‘Character Races’ Section at Long Last!

Hurray! I’ve finally started the “Character Races Chapter” in the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”! Kicking it off is an illustration and description of “The Dwarves”! These mighty miners have long been a favorite in many works of fantasy.

I’m working at this alphabetically, so the next subject will be the elves.