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Another Look Into My Sketch Book


The Humans Entry is Complete

And so I’ve finished the humans section of the races chapter in the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. I know in most fantasy role playing games, humans are considered the ‘middle ground’ of all the attributes applied, but in “GlymyreScape” each of the races have adjustments to their stats.

In any event, that completes the character races chapter, and it went a lot faster than I thought it would. Now, I go back to the beginning of the book and try to explain the game play of “GlymyreScape” in more detail. I have to admit that I’m a little pensive about the task ahead. When you’re used to the game, it’s easy to play; but trying to explain it to a beginner is a bit daunting. Still, once that’s done, the book will be ready to publish. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

The Tuecks Entry is Complete

I’m done with the Tolkian Gnomes section on the races chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”, and these little folks promise to be the most fun among the gnomes to play. Commonly called ‘Tuecks’, they are a nomadic people traveling throughout GlymyreScape in medicine shows, as peddlers, con men, and thieves.

Next on the list: the Humans.

The Stadthent Entry is Complete

I finished the section on stadthent gnomes in the races chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”, and they are a fascinating people. Their knowledge of technology and cerebronda rival that of the Juanian Elves, yet they reside in subterranean cities under pristine forests. The stadthent should be a lot of fun as player characters.

Next on the list; the Tolkian Gnomes.

The Oppits Entry is Complete

The section in the races chapter of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manual” dealing with the oppish gnomes is finished. These little folks are fairly new to the world of GlymyreScape (only firmly established in the early fourth age) but should be interesting player characters. Like the humans of the game, oppits have an agricultural way of life, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t get a notion for an adventure now and then.

Next on the list: the Stadthent Gnomes.