Glymyre Projects


Today, I finished page 41 of the first issue of Glymyre Tales.  It’s scheduled to post next Monday and I’ll be spending the rest of the week working on “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide, as well as the first of a series of novels called “Glymyre Songs:”.  All of these projects are going to be linked with the GlymyreScape system so it seems a good idea to work on them at (roughly) the same time.  This also helps prevent me from burning out and appears to be keeping my ideas fresh.  Course, even when these books are published I won’t be done.  The Good Lord Willing, lots of graphic novels in the Glymyre Tales series will be drawn up, lots of books in the Glymyre Songs series will be written, and The GlymyreScape Tome of Encounters will be published.

I have a lifetime of work to do.


Working On a Couple More Projects

Hey!  Well, if some of y’all wondered why I’m doing a biweekly (sorta) schedule on Glymyre Tales, it’s cause I’m working on a couple more projects.  True, putting webcomic pages out faster would probably get me a larger audience, but (for me) just working on one story presents the danger of burning myself out.  A webcomic is also notoriously hard to get paid for your work unless you have a lot of viewers really early.  Yet, that isn’t the real reason I put these creations out.  It is a labor of love.  Still, these projects all fit together and they need each other to be complete themselves.

One of the other projects I’m working on, is the second book in the GlymyreScape series called “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide”.  It has more advanced instruction in the GlymyreScape game, of which The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual only has the basic rules.  Right now, I’m working on the ‘super metals’ forged by the Dwarves, Juanian Elves, and Stadthent Gnomes.  This book is still considered a supplement to the player’s manual, so you’ll need to read that one first.

The third project I’m working on, is the outline of the first novel in the “Glymyre Songs” series.  It will follow the adventures of Chimfaidar, Chirard’s human friend we met on page 7 and 8 of the first issue of Glymyre Tales.  I plan for the volumes of both series to come back together at both their stories end.  But not to worry; I’m planning on a lot of volumes for both.

So, that’s why I’m slower with the updates, but I think these productions will be that much better for it.

Thanks for reading.

Onward, 2019!

Whoa!  2018 has come and gone!  It left me sixty years old and tired to the bone.  Still, I learned a lot this past year, especially dealing with my work.  I can now publish on Kindle, and run a webcomic almost completely free.  To note some further accomplishments, I completed The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual and got a handle on the ‘Game Master’s Guide’!  As the old year spirited away and vanished however, the new year bested its accomplishments on the third day.  My new grandson was born, and that’s a pretty hard event to outdo.  Yeah, I thank The Good Lord for all my grandchildren and consider them each a Blessing that I don’t deserve.

Believe it or not, I have been working on page 35 of Glymyre Tales.  The drawing of each panel has been completed, and tomorrow I plan to do the coloring, shading and special effects.  Hopefully, I can get a schedule going and produce a lot more work.  We’ll see.

Working on “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide”

2017 09 27 glymyrescapedice

As I wait for the proof of The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual, I’ve been working on “The GlymyreScape Game Master’s Guide”.  Right now, I’m concentrating on the advanced metals and alloys of the game; the chapter of which seems to be growing and growing.  The smithing of these ‘super alloys’ has been problematic, but (wouldn’t you know) the answer was to involve glymyring in the forging process.  Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the book to see how.

I’m constantly amazed at all the ideas The Good Lord is providing me with these projects.  I give Him all The Glory.

GlymyreScape Work


Yeah, I’m weak from being sick since Saturday, but I’m back in the saddle. Managed to get some more work done on “GlymyreScape”, but it turns out it was something I have to save for the ‘Game Master’s Guide’. In the past, I’ve touched on the metals forged by the dwarves but never really finished a complete list of advanced alloys produced by all the races of the game. So, I got inspired and finally finished the alloys for the game. Nope, mythril is not on the list. I decided I wanted to be a bit more original than that. Since Mr. Tolkien came up with that metal, seems everybody expects dwarves to be forging it, so I went off on my own envisions. Course, some of you may already know the dwarven alloys if you remember Norry’s gear in “Legends of Whoelterran”. On the other hand, I now have the alloys and materials made by the Juanian and Aborish Elves, and well as the Stadthent Gnomes. But, you gotta wait for the ‘Game Master’s Guide’ to see.

Getting back to “The Player’s Manual”, I’m going to start working on the character’s attributes, and how to roll them up to start with. Some of you familiar with role playing would recognize attributes as stats; such as strength, intelligence, agility, and so forth. My notes have been pretty complete on this subject, so it’s going to be just a matter of typing up the descriptions, directions, tables and charts. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.