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The Scout Section is Complete

Here’s a sneak peek of the full page illustration on the last page of the ‘Scouts’ chapter, thus completing that section of “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Matter of fact, all the text is complete for all the player classes, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I want to do a few more illustrations in the skirmishers section, I could go on to player races. At first, I thought that would be easier than the classes. My mistake was that I was only thinking about the racial advantages and penalties to the attributes of the player characters. I wasn’t considering the descriptions and explanations of the cultural differences for the three different races of gnomes, as well as the three different races of elves. Then there’s the humans and dwarves to elaborate on. Looks like the player’s manual will take longer than expected.

The Scout Section Done?

2017 06 15 thinwrestler

Yeah, this may be the final illustration for the scout section of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel”. Planning on putting it on the page of the levels table for the “Wrestling Skills”. In the game, wrestling skill is not mere grappling. It’s treated similar to the “Martial Arts Skill” and has to do with holds, locks, pressure points, and throws.

I know I said this may be the final illustration for the scout section, but I usually like to end each chapter with a full page picture pertaining to the subject matter. Okay, maybe one more scout illustration. I just can’t help myself…

Almost Finished (With The Current Section)

2017 06 14 harelaughsatsnare

This is the next to last illustration for the scout section of the “GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel”. It will go on the page of the table for levels of the “Snare and Pitfalls” skill. Can hardly wait to get into the actual instructions for basic game play! I feel like that section should go fairly quickly. Once I get the book put together, I plan to publish it on “CreateSpace” and “Kindle”.

Work On The GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel Goes On

Here’s another illustration for the Scout’s section. I’ll put it under the levels table of the “Carve Flint and Wooden Weapons Skill”. Though the illustration was done ‘tongue in cheek’, the aborish elves in “GlymyreScape” are capable of making wooden tools and weapons as strong (and sharp) as stainless steel. “How?”, you may ask. Gotta buy the book to find out. It’ll still be awhile since I have three more illustrations for the scout’s section and recently discovered I need two more illustrations for the skirmishers section. Seems like I take three steps forward and two steps back.


GlymyreScape ‘Character Class’ Section is Written!


That’s right! All the writing for ‘The Character Classes Section’ of “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel” has been finished. I just have a lot of illustrations to draw up now. I’m using pictures to try to even up the layout of the pages which have tables and charts. For example, the illustration at the top of this post is what I’m using for the knife skills table. The dagger is made of a material called ‘Aborish Black’. The aboriginelves carve a weapon (or tool) out of any wood available, and then treat it with a potion called ‘Black Forge’. The result is a weapon made of aborish black, having the same strength as stainless steel, fire resistance up to 7000° F, and never needs sharpening. It will even float as it did when it was wood. Clever craftspeople, those aborish elves.

Once I get this section finished, I’ll start the ‘Character Races’ section. I think it may be a bit simpler than the class section.