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The Last Illustration of the Character Class Section

Yes (as far as I know), this is the last illustration (well, one of the two last illustrations) of the Character Classes Chapter in “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Finally, I can get to work on the Character Races Chapter. Well, soon, because I want to put some more of the races into “The GlymyreScape Tome of Encounters”. That seems to help me get a handle on the culture of each race and makes the description have more depth.

So, back to the grindstone…

More From The Book of Sketches

Another look into my sketchbook.

This little lady is yet one more of the main characters for the new web-comic I’m planning. Even though she’s starting out with first level skills, I think she’s a fine example of the ‘knave class’. Her clothes may seem expensive, but the cotton covert material is just made to look that way. Streetwise and nomadic, she has a very carney way of looking at things. A touch of chaos to the orderly world of the main character. I get the feeling that he has no idea what he’s in for.

A Look Into My Sketchbook

 Here’s a look into the pages of my sketchbook.

Though I’ve been working on the GlymyreScape manuals, I’ve also been working on a new web-comic based on the same RPG. This is one of the main characters. Well, actually, he is the character that the web-comic centers on. On the other hand, Chirard (his name) doesn’t start out looking like this (at least not until the latter part of the first issue). Yeah, like any character in a role playing game, he starts out with first level skills, cheap clothes, and weapons to match. I even have a character sheet for him. Chirard has a long way to go…

Reformatting Of The GlymyreScape Manuals Is Done

RG2CentsHurray! I’ve finished the reformatting of the GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. But now I’m not done with the knave’s section since the new design left space for two more illustrations. Not a big deal though, since I’m back in the creative part of the project. On the other hand, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find it a little frustrating. Every time I think I’m ready to dive into the chapter on character races, I find something else that needs work. Oh well, I still need to work on the entry for the trow in “The Tome of Encounters”. And, that’s another illustration that needs to be done. On and on…

Still Working on the Reformatting of GlymyreScape Manuals

RG2CentsThe reformatting of “The GlymyreScape Tome of Encounters” went fast and without a hitch, but for some reason I was having problems with “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manual”. Every time a page had a table in it, the margins would change. I figured out what was the problem with the sides and got them stable, but the bottom margin was still changing. I got it to where it seems like it will still work (some of the pages keep changing from a .5” bottom margin to a .9”), but I’m obsessive compulsive enough for it to continually bug me. Hopefully when I convert it to a PDF, everything will work out. Once it’s in that type of file, maybe it will still be acceptable to CreateSpace. Here’s hoping…