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Back To Work (On GlymyreScape)


Well, I’ve decided to knuckle down and get back on track with “The GlymyreScape Player’s Manuel”!  I kinda hit a bump when I was trying to explain the monetary system; in that I never really made a table for the purchasable items in shops and armory.  To be honest, it was the long lists that had me intimidated.  I can lose my focus when I get in that state of mind.  The ironic part is that I’ve actually done the hardest part of the gaming system.  I’m letting explaining simple aspects of the game get in my way.  In any event, I’ve finished the monetary system and can now finish up the instructions on rolling up a character.  So, my webcomic, Glymyre Tales may have to go without updates for awhile.  Heh, I can hear a lot of my Twitter followers now, “You mean he does a webcomic?  I never heard of it!”  Course, the folks at FaceBook are probably echoing the same phrase!  In any event, my apologies to the handfull of folks that do follow my comic, and I’ll try to get back to weekly updates as soon as I send “GlymyreScape” to be published.  (Maybe sooner; especially if I hit another snag).


Working on Coloring Page 33


Still working on page 33 from Issue 1 of “Glymyre Tales”.  Adding the color isn’t too hard, but the shading can sometimes be tricky.  I should have it ready for posting on Monday though.

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Preliminary Drawings for Page 33 Done


Yep!  The preliminary drawings for page 33 of “Glymyre Tales” is done, and ready to be loaded into the computer for finishing!  Stage 2 (line darkening) will be going on tomorrow!

Work Goes On For Page 33


Been working on preliminary drawings for Issue 1 page 33 of Glymyre Tales. Seems the more I know, the slower I work. Perhaps it’s the more detail I seem to be doing in my backgrounds these days. In any event, the art looks so much better now. So, I’ll keep moving forward, trusting in The Lord that speed will come.

“Glymyre Tales” Page Announcement

2018 8 27 I1 p32 gtannouncement

Issue 1 Page 32 has posted at Glymyre Tales! Gret has a ‘heart to heart’ with Tog!