Update On The Yarn Spinner

Well, I expected to get more done during my hiatus as far as actual writing goes.  Still, I did get a lot done on figuring out some foundation on the new subjects in the game “GlymyreScape”.  There are higher metals than steel in the world of Whoelterran.

“Glymyre Tales” starts posting again the fourth of February with a schedule of one and two panels twice a week.  Hopefully, I won’t teeter on the edge of burn out like before.

I haven’t forgotten the Glymyre Song novels either, and plan to work on them more regularly than before.  With The Good Lord’s Help, I’ll remember enough to keep the story congruent.

“Glymyre Tales” Still on Hiatus


Yep, Glymyre Tales is still on hiatus, but I haven’t forgotten my webcomic.  Didn’t get as much work done on my books like I wanted, but I must admit that I was dangerously close to burn out.  My parents are having problems due to advanced years and I had to struggle with some depression over that.  On the other hand, the Holidays seem to be perking me up.  Planning on picking work back up on my webcomic in January with a two panel format posted twice a week.  I should be able to keep up with that easier, and not come so close to burning out.  We’ll see.