I remember wavering in my faith as a young adult. I returned with my faith even stronger than before and pray Mr. Schultz did in his later life, as well.


When I was growing up I loved the peanuts cartoons. I remember every holiday part of our celebration included  Charles Schultz creation: “peanuts.”

It’s Christmas Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Valentine; It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown and, of course, I can’t forget, “ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! These were the ones I remember watching yearly with my siblings and friends.

Little did I know at the time, that Charles Schulz professed to be a Christian.

How cool is that? As years went by and I began building my library from book sales and yard sales, I came across animated books he authored that were compilations of his religious cartoons.

I thought they were cute, but laid them aside for more meatier rewards, like Spurgeon or Ironside.

Today is Tuesday December 22nd. In just a few more days Christmas will be upon us, and I again just watched the Peanuts…

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    1. Yeah, I guess fame takes its toll. I was sad about Robin Williams, Stan Lee, and now find myself praying a similar prayer for Mr. Schulz. And after the courageous stance he took with the Christmas Special back in the 60’s too. ‘sigh’

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