8 thoughts on “Page 54.3 Has Posted at “Glymyre Tales”!

    1. Yeah, war is inhumane by its very nature, but the ‘total war’ policy actually accounts for the recruitment of the poor southern farmers when they didn’t have slaves, or care about owning them. True, the rich ruling class wanted to keep slavery (evidenced by their litigation and documentation), but the journals and letters written home by the enlisted from poorer families reveal that they weren’t there to preserve slavery, but to repel what they considered to be an invasion. I don’t fly the confederate flag and understand why it’s frowned upon (which sets me at odds with some southerners who think I’m not taking a firm stand). On the other hand, when I’ve tried to explain what your average southerner thinks it stands for to some folks from the north, I get, “Well, it’ll always mean slavery to me!” It’s one of the few symbols I’ve found that its meaning is defined by the observer, rather than ask the person flying it. Still, I understand why; especially when the KKK flew it for years and basically ruined any chance of it meaning anything other than racism.

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