Evolution vs Science | CEH

If evolution were subject to falsification, it would have been abandoned 160 years ago. The facts keep attacking Darwinism.

Source: Evolution vs Science | CEH

5 thoughts on “Evolution vs Science | CEH

  1. Anti evolution theory religionists are continuing to attack Darwinism if by that one mean’s Darwin’s original evolution theories. Modern evolutionary theory on the other hand would be unrecognizable to Darwin. Modern evolutionary theory has changed a great deal because Darwin knew nothing about DNA and genes. New species came about not by mutations but by adaptation. Paleontology is a very exciting field these days and evolution theory is constantly being revised and understood by new science and new discoveries of formally unknown dinosaurs, mammals and pre human relatives. Attacking Darwinism is attacking science that no longer exists as part of modern evolution theory. The most dramatic is that we know we did not evolve from apes and monkeys but that humans and monkeys branched off from some common ancestor. In evolution Darwin was on the frontier of the field not having the science available today just like Freud is a founder of psychiatry which is also very very different from his original theories.


    1. Yet, it seems to prove the point that; rather than refute the old basis of their theory, they continue to build upon it with new theory to fill in its gaps. Then present such theory as fact, when there is no way of proving it as such. Why is it so easy to believe that order came out of chaos by chance (which contradicts the second law of thermodynamics) than it is to believe that a designer caused it to happen?


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