Do Humans Have a Design Intuition?

Haden Clark

I’m currently refreshing myself on the modern design versus evolution debate. In so doing, I keep coming back to what Douglas Axe refers to as a design intuition. More or less, this is a human intuition that sees a functioning whole and assumes it was designed. The question is, is this intuition true or false?

My Dog Arlo and Coincidences

I have a new puppy, Arlo; he’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. Cute as he is, he loves to jump on my lap while I’m working on my laptop. Sometimes he steps on the keyboard. Let’s say, for example, Arlo steps on my keyboard and the letter “D” appears on my computer screen. I might say, “Hey, it’s a ‘D’ for dog!” The same might happen if he were to land on “P” for puppy, or “A” for Arlo. Arlo doesn’t know the English language, or how to use a keyboard, so…

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