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The Mountain Monsters Hootenanny


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Well, a new batch of Mountain Monsters is airing on the APL (Animal Planet) channel. The best way I know to describe it is; “Duck Dynasty” chasing Bigfoot. They travel all over the Appalachian hill country, chasing all the local monster legends therein. No, I don’t like the occasional off color language, but the rest of the show is really hilarious. It’s pretty amazing that this reality show centers on subjects which are so hard to be proven, well… real. This season they seem to be focused on (you guessed it) Bigfoot. They never seem to get any conclusive evidence, but I’m thoroughly fascinated by their incredible enthusiasm. Strange sounds, tracks, and blurry shapes in the dark have them running maniacally through the Appalachian forests at night, whooping and hollering as they go. Even with the lack of serious documentation, they’ve found the names of several different species of Sasquatch. The “Midnight Whistler”, the “Grass Man”, the “Kentucky Wild Man”, and the “Blue Man” are just a few. It’s enough to give anyone the yee-hahs.

I have to hand it to them. Back when I was able to run through the woods at night, I would have loved to have found a way to get paid for it.


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