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A Town, Like Any Other Town


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A wonderful article about a little town…

The Life Project

It’s where I’ve been for the last week, a town just like another thousand towns in a thousand other places.  There’s really nothing obvious to tell you that this little town is any different from all the rest.  It’s called Franklin, Illinois, home to around 600 people.  It’s a farming community in the vast flatness of the central Illinois prairie, not far from the home town of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln.  Maybe if a person spends a week here in the Land of Lincoln, he is somehow easier to figure out.

Franklin has houses just like any small town.  Nothing too fancy, nothing too run down; houses that serve as family homes for regular hard-working Americans.

2-2014 024-LR

When I was there last week, we only had one day of sunshine; all the rest had snow and ice storms, and walking around was hazardous, and yet I was drawn to the…

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  1. Steven Paul, a Christ follower... says:

    I love to see places like this. Although I was born in Dallas, Texas my dad was tired of ice and snow so he brought us all out to So. Calif. It IS endless sunshine here…no seasons, nothing but dry, brown landscape.

    I’m sure places like this are great.



    • RG2Cents says:

      I think so too. I lived in Florida for awhile, and you don’t see the seasons change much there either.


      • Steven Paul, a Christ follower... says:

        No…I’ve never been there but I know it’s very sunny much of the time. So. Cal is expecting its first real rainy day this winter! Imagine that compared with the rest of the country.



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