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Disciple: Love One Another


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Amazing that Love is so easily forgotten.

The Life Project

Earlier today, I posted about “True Love” the love that God had for us that sent Jesus to the cross to die; I hope you will read it.  Now, we move on to our love for one another as His disciples.

I know that I don’t need to recite all of the passages about love in the New Testament, for I’m sure that we all are aware of the fact that we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We may not usually connect the concept of love with the word command, but Jesus pit the two together in Matthew 19:19.  So, if love can be commanded, it cannot be a mere emotion that we feel; it must be a choice we are to make.cisuyvbl (2)

It is a choice to set our own interests aside and put those of others ahead of our own.  It is a choice to…

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