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Disciple: A New Way of Thinking


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Hope, for those who hunger and thirst after Righteousness.

The Life Project

When a person comes to the place where he or she begins to have a good working understanding of God’s Word, they will come to a turning point where a serious decision must be made. This is a decision that will determine whether or not that person will be someone who will do “what the Master does” as a disciple of our Lord.  What does the Master do? He made disciples…cisuyvbl (2)

The decision point is reached when a person comes to understand that they have been looking at things in a way that places their own priorities ahead of those of Christ.  It can be called a self-centered point of view, but not in the petty, selfish and negative way that we normally think about, for the person may be a really wonderful person.  The world around us would say that this person has a very healthy outlook, and they…

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