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“Christian” Art Pt 2


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Thanks JCS! I’ve wondered about this myself.


This is part 2 of a series of articles about “Christian” entertainment.

In my earlier article, I argued that I felt the popular label “Christian Entertainment” was something of misnomer.  Many may feel that I argue simple semantics and, in effect, waste our time.  However, I believe that when one truly ponders the implications that one’s entertainment is not a ‘holy calling’ or somehow on a religious pedestal, it actually answers a few questions that many Christians involved in entertainment struggle with.

When it comes to Christian music, art, comics, etc., I often hear concerns about whether or not we should charge for our creations.  The Bible says “Freely you have received, freely you should give.”  This verse addresses the truth of the Good News.  Since most Christian entertainers see their work as a medium for truth, they feel they should not charge.  For example, many Christian artists will…

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