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Just a Minute!


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Been there, myself.


When my kids were teenagers, this was one of their favorite things to say when I would ask them to do something… and alas, I might have used the line myself a time or two.Rock Island 025

Of course as responsible adults, we never say this when we are asked (or told) to do something, right?  Well, let’s think about it for a moment…

“Go and make disciples”…  Just a minute!

“Feed my sheep”…  Just a minute!

“Repent and be Baptized”…  Just a minute!

“Love your neighbor”…  Just a minute!

I wonder how often we say “Just a minute!” to the commands of our Lord.

Is being a follower of Jesus Christ something we do at our leisure?  I don’t think that’s what the Lord has in mind, do you?  In spite of this, I’ve heard so many times over the years people say that they’re too busy, not ready, not comfortable…

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