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Some Words About Glymmors


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6 5 2013 Update

This is page 114 (Book 2 Chapter 1) of Lost Legends of Whoelterran. As I’ve said before, Wyl is a glymmorist. I was going to blog about what glymmors are and why, but after writing about two pages of text (and still nowhere near finishing) I decided to give the short explanation. In Glymmorworld, you might call glymmors a magic substitute. That’s actually oversimplifying the subject, but is a way of looking at it. I’ve found that a lot of Christians who like fantasy have trouble coming to terms with the concept of magic because of its similarity (and in some cases origins) to the occult and pagan rituals. Hence, I have created a magic less fantasy by introducing a phenomena which has a more scientific origin, but can have supernatural elements added to it. Hence, you have Glymavis, Staunenblanc, and Oscuromagia. Glymavis is a neutral form of glymmoring which doesn’t have any supernatural elements applied. Staunenblanc is a benevolent form of glymmoring which has the supernatural elements of Good and Righteousness applied, and Oscuromagia is a malevolent form of glymmoring which has the supernatural elements of evil and chaos applied. As a Blitz Savant, Wyl practices Glymavis. Before he was in the comic, the only glymmoring I had shown was Oscuromagia. As yet I haven’t introduced Staunenblanc into the comic, but plan to in the future.


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