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Okay, so I’ve decided to do something that I don’t usually do. I’ve decided to start blogging about my webcomics, (or maybe I should say start blogging more about my webcomics). I’m not sure why I haven’t done this in the past, but it may be (in part) due to my fear of giving out spoilers. I’ve usually got an entire storyline outlined before I start, and if I start enthusiastically discussing it, I’m hit with terrible temptations to reveal key events. Another reason may be that I spend so much time on the comic panels, I just don’t have much time to blog about anything. Yet, I understand that blogging is an excellent way for some to collect their thoughts and organize their mind. I am definitely in need of that! Another thing for me to consider is at this point my audience is of such modest size that spoilers shouldn’t really be a consideration. I suppose it is best to just take the plunge.

I’ll begin with When Foxes Fly, my anthro webcomic that spoofs superheroes and villains. I have to admit that the idea of Filbert, (one of the main characters) came from more than one source, but the earliest of these was a cartoon I saw in my childhood called BatFink. BatFink was in itself a spoof of the Batman comics, but in anthro form. The main character (BatFink) was an actual bat (human sized) and was indeed a superhero, but that’s as far as the similarity goes. Unlike Batman, BatFink’s main power was his wings (about which he was always fond of saying were “like a shield of steel”) and his sonar which was illustrated as the word “BEEP”. His ‘BEEP’ would fly ahead, check everything out, and then return to BatFink reporting what it found. As I said, the idea of Filbert may have been influenced by BatFink, but only slightly. BatFink never used his sonar as a weapon (as Filbert does) and he embraced his superhero personae, (something that Filbert finds most distasteful). Further, I believe I’ve developed Filbert much further than BatFink ever was, and even though his wings are invulnerable (like BatFink’s) I’ve given a Christian origin for that power. Yeah, Filbert is as different from BatFink as BatFink is from the Batman he was attempted as a spoof of. I guess that’s why you can’t really copyright an idea. You can only copyright the work.


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