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I Aint Shuttin’ Up Neither!


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Funny how I find so many liberal people on the web apologize for hurting someone’s feelings and in the next few lines say that they won’t be kept silent no matter what. I chuckle a little when I see that, because as conservative as I am, I have never told anyone to shut up about being liberal, atheist, democratic, Buddhist, Muslim, or vegetarian. On the other hand, I’ve had a lot of trolls come at me frothing at the mouth for promoting my faith and having the audacity to post updates which are unapologetically Christian in nature. That’s okay, ’cause most of them think I’m some young impressionable kid who is easily bullied and can be shamed just as easily into submission. I am not. What I am is an old man with a dialogue built from years of writing which can be used as a soothing salve, or a debilitating weapon. To this date, I haven’t had to apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings on the internet. I have had to defend my religious beliefs, and even my right to have my own webpage. Generally, I give a troll three chances to calm down. When they keep coming at me, (and they usually do, because they mistake my good manners for weakness) I put them in their place. Like I wrote earlier, I don’t tell them to shut up, but they usually do. Further, I don’t feel the need to tell anyone I won’t stop speaking up for Christ, Christianity, conservatism, or true morality. I’ll just keep on keeping on.


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