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2012 3 18 They’ve fixed my Eye! (and I’ve moved my comics)


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Well, it’s been a long time since my last entry. Yes, I’m still around… just… preoccupied. A lot going on in my life. Like right now I’m recuperating from eye surgery. Got a cataract fixed in my left eye (had the right eye done almost two years ago). The hard part is that I had to travel one hundred miles to get it done, then one hundred miles back the next day. Everything seems to doing okay and I’ll be heading back in a few days for the eye surgeon to have another look at me. Sure glad we were able to get it done. A century earlier, and my loved ones would have had to just watch me go blind. God really has given this generation some wonderful blessings!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve moved my comics to ComicFury ! The new address for When Foxes Fly is http://whenfoxesfly.thecomicseries.com , and the new address for Lost Legends of Whoelterran is http://whoelterran.thecomicseries.com . Drop by sometime, leave a comment, and don’t forget to bookmark the new address! 😀


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