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Societal Morality


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I’ve said in the past, that there’s something wrong with America’s moral compass, but I don’t think that is entirely
accurate.  The majority of Americans are still relatively conservative despite the liberal faction of the American media’s
attempts to portray them as bigoted idiots.  I think it’s more accurate to say that there’s something wrong with the
moral compass of the American media as well as the American aristocracy.  One could only speculate as to why, but I
think I got an indication in a thread at a different site a couple of years ago.  Even back then, morality was being
discussed, and someone who considered themselves to be smarter than the rest said that they didn’t believe that
actions were inherently right or wrong.  They went on to say that morality is determined by society, and it was the
opinions of society which determines what is right and what is wrong.  Well, I couldn’t let that go without rebuttal.
See, society determining right and wrong for itself has always had a terrible track record.  Before the civil war in America,
it was the society of the Deep South that determined it was okay to own and sell human beings based on the color of
their skin.  If society is the final word on morality, then the abolitionists should have minded their own business, and
the people helping slaves escape were committing and immoral act in the south.  After all, according to ‘societal
morality’, once you were on the south side of the Mason Dixon line, slavery was morally okay.  Further, let’s take a look
at what was going on when the Nazi’s were in control of Germany.  Their society determined that the Jewish people
were the cause of all their problems, and it was okay to exterminate the entire race.  According to societal morality,
we have no right to look down on those actions because their society determined what was right for them.
The hard fact is, when society decides what is right and wrong, tragic things are bound to happen.  Morality has to be
determined by a source which is higher than society.  It takes a Power far greater than mankind to decide what is
right and wrong, no matter what college professors teach, and celebrities preach.

A moral compass calibrated by the opinions of society is broken.


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