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A ‘Traditional Older’ Guy…


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Recently, I ran across an old post at The Forums of The Webcomic List mentioning my webcomic, When Foxes Fly . The link for the thread is here ,and I would like to address some comments made by Wolfus of Gothybeans . I was very flattered that he even mentioned my comic, but I was described as a “traditional older guy” who wouldn’t know a ‘furry’ if they came and danced on my lawn. 😆 Let’s just see how much I know about ‘furries’.

“Furry Fandom” refers to a fascination with anthropomorphic, (anthro) animal characters. That is, animal characters depicted with human attributes. To elaborate; if an animal character is able to display human intelligence, complex facial expressions, speak, walk on two legs, and/or wear clothes, it can be said to be anthropomorphic, or in other words, a furry. Furry Fandom can also be used for the very wide and diverse community of people who gather at conventions and meetings used to promote the genre. Hence, my webcomic When Foxes Fly , can be technically called a ‘furry’ comic. I tend to shy away from the term ‘furry’ however, because even though the sexual perversions in the midst of ‘Furry Fandom’ are in the minority, public perception (due to certain broadcasts in the media) is that sexual deviation is what ‘furry’ is all about. Therefore, I describe When Foxes Fly as an anthro comic, and leave it at that.

I think that pretty much proves that this ‘traditional older guy’ would know a ‘furry’ if it was dancing on his lawn… 😉


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