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Old Time Religion


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Well, recently I’ve had a disagreement with someone who appeared to be a wiccan on, (of all places) The Christian Forum Site ! Now, they’re good people over there, but a thread was started by someone who asked a question with the apparent intent of starting an argument. The way the question was put, I had a hunch of where it was going, (about a dream which referred to God in paganish terms) and I gave a simple answer using Biblical reference. Some of the other members backed me up with their own comments, and we all easily answered the question. The retorts coming from the one who started the thread were typical of similar statements I’ve heard from modern druids, and the source of a particular annoyance to me. In any event, when their statements got particularly blasphemous, the thread disappeared, so I figure the moderators had enough of them. One of their statements was that their religion was older than both Christianity and Judaism, and the Christian God was actually a new comer seeking to replace their so called deities. I think that’s probably what got the thread deleted. ‘Course, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard that statement, but I still find it to be an irritating stance. The only reason that wiccans and modern druids claim it to be an older religion is based on old Babylonian writings which predate the birth of Moses. When you examine the history involved with an understanding of where The Bible actually begins, their argument becomes a flimsy one. Let us go back even before those Babylonian documents and examine the start of the first known system of writing. That would be 3400 BC at the earliest. Admittedly, that was before Moses’ writing in the 1400’s BC, but we know that Judaism began far before the Jewish nation. Yes, even Abraham was not born until 2166 BC, but the Bible refers to events which predate even that. According to The Bible, the first religious sacrifice to be recorded was in the days of Cain and Abel, which was around 3979 BC. That means The Bible has record of a religious event, (an indication of the beginning of Judaism by some reckonings) which occurred five hundred years before any writing system had been developed. Further, (if you consider religion to be more than just ritual and to be the relationship between God and mankind) the creation of Adam is recorded in The Bible around 4000 BC!

The mistake that modern pagans make, is thinking that Judaism and Christianity began with Moses. No, it began far before it was even recorded in writing. It began before the foundation of the world.


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