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My Webcomic “When Foxes Fly”


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I’ve been doing a webcomic called When Foxes Fly for a few years now, and the traffic has been fair even though I’ve never aggressively pursued using any promotional sites to… well… promote it. There’s no big mystery about the reason why. I just didn’t know I had that option. When I learned about it, I decided to write up this article and maybe get the word out about a pretty creative serial, even if I say so myself. When Foxes Fly is an anthro spoof of superheroes and villains, but to leave the description there wouldn’t even begin to convey the many layers of depth which the comic has accumulated over the years. Admittedly, this is even a surprise to me, the webcomic’s creator. When I started it, I was just trying to do a simple Christian comic which would be a safe place for younger internet viewers to receive a wholesome message. I was using the play on words that centers around the fruit bats referred to as ‘flying foxes’ and must admit to some inspiration that my own name is an old English word for fox. The more I’ve worked on the comic however, the more it seems to have developed plots on its own. With all the powerful heroes and villains, the simple Faith of a small child saves the day time and time again. Even so, each episode is fresh and new, due to the parodies and pop culture references I’ve found I’m fond of making. I could go on tooting my own horn, but why not see for yourself? Just click the link below!


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