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DTV Rage


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Well, I think I’ve given this free digital television thing more than enough of a chance. Having an educational background in media, and a professional background in digital electronics, I knew there would be more problems than the television folks were letting on. With analog television, if the signal strays a little bit, you might get a little snow, but enough of the signal will come through to make the program watchable. Digital on the other hand, is a whole different story. If some weather blows in while you’re watching digital (conventional) television, you either lose the signal altogether, or the reception pixelates and hiccups so bad, that it makes even the best programs too annoying to watch! Now, I’m not against progress. Progress is a good thing. Progress is… progressive. Yet, some folks seem to confuse the word change with progress as if the two are interchangeable. They are not. If I rip out my bathroom, and replace it with an outhouse in the backyard, that’s a change, but it is not progress. Yet, such is part of the philosophy of today’s world. The idea that any kind of change is good, leads to all kind of misery. I say to any worshipers of change, go watch a conventional television running off one of these digital boxes, and when the least little atmospheric condition blanks the screen, look at that snotty little “no signal” sign flashing all over the picture and … ENJOY!!!


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